Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections help reduce lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines. Treatments work, not only to reduce wrinkles but also to help prevent the development of future wrinkles.

Botox: Anti-Aging Treatment Area

Botulinum Toxin

Commonly recognised as “Botox”, Botulinum Toxin injections relax the muscles to reduce & prevent wrinkles and lines in the skin.

Treatment Area

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines

Before & After

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Treatment around the eyes for crow’s feet

Treatment on the forehead to reduce forehead lines

Treatment between eyes/eyebrows for frown lines

Why Choose K-Beauty?


Ji-Son Lee

NZ Registered Nurse, Korean Cosmetic Injector

There’s no need to worry about wrinkles anymore, as treatments are more accessible than ever. Ji-Son Lee is a New Zealand registered nurse and Korean cosmetic injector, bringing her talents to Auckland and providing simple, professional, and safe anti-wrinkle treatment to meet the growing demand. K-Beauty only uses genuine anti-wrinkle injectables (Botulinum Toxin) and considers all health & safety concerns.

Interested in Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Request a consultation with K-Beauty’s experienced Nurse Ji-Son to find the appropriate treatment & address all your questions & concerns. K-Beauty clinic offers a quick treatment time, reasonable pricing, and service that goes above & beyond for customers.


Xeomin is a purified botulinum toxin type A, free from complexing proteins. It is used to improve the look of upper facial lines, including frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), wrinkles at the side of eyes (crow’s feet), and horizontal forehead lines. Xeomin (Incobotulinumtoxin A) 50, 100 Units is a Prescription Medicine. Indications: In adults, for the treatment of cervical dystonia; blepharospasm, spasticity of the upper limb; upper facial lines: glabellar frown lines, lateral periorbital lines (crow’s feet), horizontal forehead lines. Xeomin has both risks and benefits, consult your doctor if Xeomin is right for you. Further information on the risks and benefits of Xeomin can be found in the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) available from or by calling 0800 822 310. Use strictly as directed. If symptoms continue, or you have side effects, see your doctor, pharmacist, or health care professional. Common side effects include: Headaches; nausea; tenderness, swelling, redness, numbness or bruising of the skin; dry eye; heavy feeling of eyelid/eyebrow/forehead; face/brow not symmetrical, dropping eyelids /eyebrows. Serious Side effects are rare and include allergic reactions. Xeomin is an unfunded medicine, prescription charge will apply. Normal doctor charges will still apply.

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Dysport is a prescription medicine containing 300 & 500 IU of botulinum toxin. It is used for the treatment of frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. Dysport® has risks and benefits. Please read the Consumer Medicines Information for further details at ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU ARE GIVEN. Product and treatment costs will apply. Galderma Australia Pty Ltd, Suite 4, 13B Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085. ABN 12 003 976 930. Distributed in NZ by Healthcare Logistics, 58 Richard Pearse Drive, Airport Oaks, Mangere 2022, NZ. Phone: 1800 144 944 (AUS) 0800 174 104 (NZ) Fax: +61 (2) 9986 1699. Sponsor: Ipsen Pty Ltd, Level 2, Building 4, Brandon Office Park, 540 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 Australia. Distributed by Galderma Australia Pty Ltd for the glabellar lines and lateral canthal lines indications only. Dysport® is a trademark of Ipsen Pty Ltd. Galderma trademark is owned by Galderma Holding S.A.