K-Beauty Cosmetic Clinic

Looking for qualified cosmetic treatments? K-Beauty offers a range of cosmetic treatments, from anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to skin boosters and hydration. Ji-Son Lee has a combined 15-years of experience working as a registered nurse in both New Zealand and South Korea.

A one-woman operation, Ji-Son has opened K-Beauty, a premier cosmetic clinic in Auckland, after completing comprehensive training in cosmetic injectables.

Our Cosmetic Services


Botulinum Toxin to help reduce wrinkles & relax muscles for softening existing lines and preventing deeper lines.


PRP works to regenerate the skin & strengthen its regenerative ability


Treatment involves temporarily blocking the nerves responsible for sweating


Using hyaluronic acid to bring hydrated looking skin on the face, neck, & hands


Used to enhance facial features such as lips and contours.


Mono threads tighten facial contours and improve loose tissues in one session.

Profhilo® Injection

Profhilo® injections utilise high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to improve skin elasticity

Skinjection Pro Microneedle Therapy System

SKINJECTION PRO is a micro-needling procedure or therapy that utilises 36 micro-needles to help the skin absorb the product efficiently

Health & Safety is at the Forefront of K-Beauty

Ji-Son continues to study her craft and expand her knowledge of appearance medicine. A lot of work is put into customising treatments to address the area of concern most safely and effectively. Hesitant about getting anti-wrinkle injections or fillers due to the possible side effects? Coming from South Korea, where cosmetic treatment is much more common, Ji-Son has specialised in anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, bringing her skillset to the growing New Zealand market.

With a range of qualifications, experience, and immense knowledge of cosmetic health and safety regulations, Ji-Son Lee works with her clients to gain a full understanding of their desired results. From here, a personalised treatment can be created to achieve desired outcomes, safely and effectively, with minimal side effects.

K-Beauty Clinic was built on experience, skills, and honesty. Explore our full range of skin treatments below, available at our Auckland cosmetic clinic.

Any Questions? Contact Us!

K-Beauty strives to provide safe, professional, and transparent cosmetic treatments to our customers. If you have any questions or you’re interested in booking a treatment, call K-beauty cosmetic clinic today, or see our alternative contact methods, and Ji-Son will be in touch as soon as possible.