What to Expect When You Get Lip Fillers

What to Expect When You Get Lip Fillers

If you’re reading this, you may well be too familiar with lip fillers. Celebrities, social media influencers, and ordinary people from your neighbourhood may have them. Lip filler treatments are so popular that they’ve become one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments today. But what exactly are they, and what do you need to know before getting them? We share what to expect when you get lip fillers, including the procedure details, benefits, potential side effects, and costs.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are dermal fillers injected into your lips to add volume. The filler consists of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), a component naturally found in your body. Lip fillers are customisable based on your needs and preferences so you can achieve your desired look. Lip fillers only offer temporary results. They don’t stop the aging process of your lips, but they do help slow down the thinning of lips and achieve plumper lips.

What are the benefits?

Qualified injector injecting lip fillers to a patient

Although lip fillers are more commonly used to increase volume, lip fillers can also be used to correct uneven lips, lift the corners of the mouth, and smoothen lip wrinkles. Here are several other benefits of getting lip fillers:

  • Add natural fullness to desired areas of the lips
  • Reduce fine lines or wrinkles in the surrounding mouth area
  • Evens out asymmetrical lips
  • Restores previous lip size

Who is a good candidate for lip fillers?

Before you get a lip filler procedure, you’ll meet with your healthcare provider to discuss your physical health and what your goals and expectations for your lip filler procedure. These are all important things to discuss beforehand because any pre-existing health conditions, allergies, or OTC medications you’re taking may affect your overall procedure. Generally, to be considered for lip fillers, you should be in good physical health and not have any active oral infection like canker sores or cold sores.

What happens during a lip filler procedure?

After assessing that you’re a good candidate for lip fillers, your healthcare provider will apply a topical anaesthetic to your lips to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible. After 30 minutes, when your lips are already numb, your provider will use a thin needle to inject the lip filler into specific areas of your lips – the edges, the curve in the centre or cupid’s bow, and the corners of your mouth. The needle won’t go deeper than 2.5 mm into your skin. Afterwards, your provider may give you an ice pack to apply to your lips. This will help minimise swelling and bruising. LED red right therapy is helpful for fast healing as well. The entire procedure may take from 30 minutes to two hours.

What are the potential side effects of getting lip fillers?

As with all cosmetic treatments, lip fillers also have potential side effects. Some of them include:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Bleeding and mild pain at the injection site
  • Tenderness of lips
  • Vascular occlusion

It’s important to know the risks beforehand. While bruising is normal and expected, significant pain or irregular bruising outside the lip area calls for close attention and patients should call their injector immediately when this happens.

What is the cost?

Lip filler costs vary significantly depending on where you will have them done and the injector.

How do I get one?

If you’re well-decided to get lip fillers, book a consultation with K-Beauty Clinic! Ji-Son Lee is an NZ registered nurse and a qualified Korean cosmetic injector who can address your questions and concerns regarding lip filler treatments. K-Beauty Clinic offers professional service, quick procedure times, and prices that won’t break the bank! Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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